Homework for Sept 12

Alright, you have six hours of time for this homework assignment. In keeping with what we did today in class, you are going to be working with still-life compositions. You have 5 compositions to draw by Tuesday. 2 are monochrome, 2 are working with harmonious colors on the color wheel (any 5 touching colors on the wheel) and 1 working with a color triad (primary, secondary or tertiary). Subject matter for your still-life is your choice. You have to decide format (portrait or landscape), if you are drawing the same still-life 5 different times or drawing 5 different still-life subjects. Work you best to give me five “good” compositions with “good” mark-making. I’m watching to see if you are developing a “hand” in how you draw (your technique). Does it demonstrate confidence in technique and good observation skills.


Welcome to ART101

Welcome all new and returning students to Art Foundations I. I’m looking forward to working with all of you this semester. Bring your newsprint pad, graphite pencil(s), and conte or charcoal sticks. We’ll get started drawing. See you then.