Alright, you homework assignment is to paint 10, 4.5 x 6 inch watercolor landscapes using the four states of watercolor that I demonstrated today in class. Spend three hours dong them between today and Tuesday. This is a skill building assignment, so expectations for the actual artwork you produce is low, you are learning and building a watercolor vocabulary. Don’t overwork your watercolors. No dibby-dabby, fuss-butt brushwork. Be confident and sure of your marks and brush strokes (easier said than done).


Homework for September 7

Hi class, here’s my blog post for what I assigned today.

I want you to work on a 3 hour drawing using perspective. It can be 1, 2 or 3 point perspective of a subject of your choice. Media is your choice as well – ink, charcoal, conte or chalk pastel – color or B/W. I want you to draw from observation and draw a completed composition – a nicely done drawing. Don’t forget to maybe sketch out a small composition to figure out all the angles before you commit to the “final” drawing. We’ll take a look at them on Thursday.


Learning how to draw and perfecting drawing skills is very straight forward. You simply need to draw a lot, and fail a lot until you develop an ability to truly see what you are looking at and translate that to your paper. This practice develops your aesthetic sensitivities and your technique in a range of media. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to draw as much as possible. And, don’t worry about it being good or bad – just draw.

You also can’t work in a vacuum. Look at the drawings of your classmates this semester and use Pinterest and YouTube as a resource. I have a several Pinterest boards with examples of drawings, artwork, design and illustrations that might help inspire you to improve your drawing abilities. Search for Rusty Nelson or rlnelson55.