ART101 Art Foundations I and is the introductory foundation course for Art majors at Truman (although, non-Art majors are encouraged and welcome to enroll). This course is designed to introduce and develop drawing, art-making and composition skills in preparation for upper-level art and design coursework. Art Studio Foundations I concentrates primarily on developing essential drawing and composition skills through direct observation of subject matter from life. Students are exposed to different traditional drawing/design media, and engage in drawing/design exercises intended to present a range of skill- and knowledge-based challenges that should result in a better understanding of, and an enhanced experience with, both the tools and concepts of drawing and design.

Course Content

This is a basic level studio foundations class and assignments and projects will deal with elements and principles of drawing, design, and aesthetics in art making.

Some terms we will be using are: Hue, Intensity, Local color, Analogous colors, Value, Balance, Proportion, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Implied line, Complementary colors, Neutrals, Chiaroscuro, Value pattern (Value structure), Positive/Negative space, Cross-contour, Gestural line, Hatching, Composition, Pattern, Monochromatic, Context, Theme and Variation, Form and content, Atmospheric perspective.