First “Good Drawing” Assignment

Sorry, just now getting this assignment posted…

Next week is week 5 already. Whew. Here is the information I gave you for our first “good drawing” assignment. Keep in mind all the various skill-sets we have been working on in and out of class for the last three/four weeks.

Pick one item from your five lists I had you write down – a like, a dislike, an emotion place and a thing. Take your choices and use them as the subjects/inspiration for a “good drawing composition”. Dry media, B/W OR color – your choice. Size: 20 x 30 “good” paper. Due next Thursday 21st. Work your process. We can talk more about it today in class.


Homework for Sept 12

Alright, you have six hours of time for this homework assignment. In keeping with what we did today in class, you are going to be working with still-life compositions. You have 5 compositions to draw by Tuesday. 2 are monochrome, 2 are working with harmonious colors on the color wheel (any 5 touching colors on the wheel) and 1 working with a color triad (primary, secondary or tertiary). Subject matter for your still-life is your choice. You have to decide format (portrait or landscape), if you are drawing the same still-life 5 different times or drawing 5 different still-life subjects. Work you best to give me five “good” compositions with “good” mark-making. I’m watching to see if you are developing a “hand” in how you draw (your technique). Does it demonstrate confidence in technique and good observation skills.

Homework for September 7

Hi class, here’s my blog post for what I assigned today.

I want you to work on a 3 hour drawing using perspective. It can be 1, 2 or 3 point perspective of a subject of your choice. Media is your choice as well – ink, charcoal, conte or chalk pastel – color or B/W. I want you to draw from observation and draw a completed composition – a nicely done drawing. Don’t forget to maybe sketch out a small composition to figure out all the angles before you commit to the “final” drawing. We’ll take a look at them on Thursday.

Homework for Thursday, August 31

Following up on what we did in class today using vine charcoal, working with composition, observation, modeling, space and controlling value range Whew,

Spend three hours working on three different compositions (18 x 24 or 12 x 18 in size) Format is your choice (portrait or landscape).

  1. Draw a composition utilizing manufactured objects as the subject matter
  2. Draw a composition utilizing natural objects as the subject matter
  3. Draw a composition utilizing architectural details on a building as the subject matter

We will take a look at what you did first thing on Thursday.


Learning how to draw and perfecting drawing skills is very straight forward. You simply need to draw a lot, and fail a lot until you develop an ability to truly see what you are looking at and translate that to your paper. This practice develops your aesthetic sensitivities and your technique in a range of media. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to draw as much as possible. And, don’t worry about it being good or bad – just draw.

You also can’t work in a vacuum. Look at the drawings of your classmates this semester and use Pinterest and YouTube as a resource. I have a several Pinterest boards with examples of drawings, artwork, design and illustrations that might help inspire you to improve your drawing abilities. Search for Rusty Nelson or rlnelson55.

Art is hard, takes a lot of time and cost a lot of money

It is expensive to be an art major or even to take an art course – especially your first year in college when you have to buy everything new. Expect to spend some serious money on art supplies. Student grade supplies will work just fine as you learn techniques and build skills, but quality supplies and tools will yield superior results and might alleviate some frustrations. See the tab above for a list of recommended supplies. Come to the first day of class with your newsprint pad and black conte crayon,